Background Information

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are dental specialists who treat conditions, defects, injuries, and esthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face. After four years of dental school, oral and maxillofacial surgeons complete six more years of hospital-based surgical residency training including graduating from medical school and obtaining a medical degree (MD). Their training involves rotations through related medical fields, including internal medicine, general surgery, anesthesiology, otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), plastic surgery, emergency medicine, and other surgical and medical specialties.

Dr. Vahadi has an extensive educational background in both dentistry and medicine. He is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with active licenses as a physician & surgeon, a dentist, and he also holds a general anesthesia permit. Dr. Vahadi enjoys performing full scope Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery procedures with an emphasis on dental implants and related grafting, removal of wisdom teeth, and outpatient anesthesia.

With specialized knowledge in pain control and advanced training in anesthesia, Dr. Vahadi is able to provide quality care with maximum patient comfort and safety in the office setting.

Our staff is specially trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures, assisting with Intravenous (IV) sedation or outpatient general anesthesia.

Surgical Staff

The surgical staff members at our office are experienced, certified oral and maxillofacial surgical assistants, who assist in administration of IV sedation/general anesthesia and surgery. All staff members are informed administrative personnel, well-versed in health and insurance policies, and are CPR certified.