Apicoectomy (Tooth Root Surgery)

Apicoectomy is a procedure to surgically remove residual infection from under the roots of previously root canaled teeth.  To treat this infection, usually a re-treat of the root canal therapy is indicated.  Occasionally, this re-treatment may not be feasible or desirable, therefore an apicoectomy is performed to remove this infection from the tooth roots and the surrounding bone.

Access is gained by incisions in the gums overlying the tooth using local anesthesia or IV sedation / general anesthesia.  Then the infection is removed and the tip of the root is reshaped.  Small area of the root canal is prepared with an ultrasonic instrument and then the tip of the root is usually filled with a special material.  This filling procedure is called retro-fill.

When successful, the tooth will become healthier and asymptomatic.  There is a small chance of failure of this procedure which may result in loss of the tooth.